Monday, October 31, 2005

Blue, White, and some Shades of Grey

I keep having this vision in my head. A vision of snow, mountains and darkness. I am travelling on a bus. A white bus with blue stripes. A Chinese bus, where the doors have to be opened by hand. There is no heating and it is freezing The smoke from the breaths of my fellow passengers cloud my vision. But, I am not in China. The men on the bus, there are mostly men, suggest that I am in Eastern Turkey, Iran, or somewhere in Central Asia. Leather jackets and empty eyes staring through the window. Sunflower seeds and cigarette buts litter the isle. I don`t know where I am going and it is cold. Unbelievably cold. The snow keeps falling outside my window. We pass through towns. Grey concrete and filthy cars. Russian and old japanese cars. Nobody speaks English. Men fiddling with their prayer beads. We stop on the outskirts of dead-end towns. Everyone is carrying bundles of something and boxes. Traders? I want to be on that bus, but why? Where am I? Why do I want to be on decrepit bus driving through the snow?


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