Friday, November 18, 2005


Now I am 30, Japan-time at least. My twenties are over, and I think it is time to summarize the last decade. I don't know what we are expected to achieve in our twenties. I read somewhere that F. Scott (I think) said that if a man (or woman I presume) hasn't done something great by the age of 25, he (she) will never do anything great. I don't know about that, and I don't think I achieved much of anything, but this is what I did:

I had 10 birthdays. I lived in 4 countries. I moved 11 times. I travelled to 15 countries I hadn't been to prior to my 20th birthday. I slept with X women. I loved a few. I married 1. I divorced 1. I had 7 jobs. I learned 2 new languages. I went to 6 weddings (only). I got 211 university credits (Swedish system). I read.....well, a whole heap of books (I think I learned a few things). I got drunk innumerable times. I played in 5 football teams. I got 1 conviction in court. I don't know how much money I made, but I spent most of it, without having any material possesions to show for it. I read 4 Russian novels. I started 1 blog. I made many friends, I lost many too.

That's all I can think of. Maybe in my thirties I'll achieve something.


Blogger Rasmus said...

Congratulations! Best wishes, hugs a.s.o. Since the lifespan of man is increasing I think F.Scott's prediction about achievments at the age of 25 should perhaps be increased to 35(ish).. Besides, the word achievement is very much a question of interpretation. Not saying you failed, only that I myself have some time left to prove my worth and perhaps already achieved something (you struck a nerve with that remark!). :)

Oh well, atleast I updated my blog. 3 times in 3 minutes.. Must be a record for me. I guess I would have achieved something, recognizeable by others, by now if I did every action with the same swiftness. I intend to change my approach on life..

6:32 PM  
Blogger Johan said...


Jo, vad innebär det att åstadkomma något. Bra fråga

6:38 AM  

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