Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Jan and Fabiana, Congratulations on giving life to a beautiful (I`m sure) daughter!!!!

I am so happy for you. I want to go to Finland!! See you this summer, I hope.

This is milk that I am feeding you. It comes from Mordechai the milkman, whom you will meet one day. He gets the milk from a cow, which is a very strange and troubling thing if you think about it, so don't think about it...
This is my hand that is petting your face. Some people are left-handed and some are right-handed.We don't know which you are yet, because you just sit there and let me do the handling...
This is a kiss. It is what happens when lips are puckered and pressed against something, sometimes other lips, sometimes a cheek, sometimes something else. It depends...
This is my heart. You are touching with your left hand, not because you are left-handed, although you might be, but because I am holding it against my heart. What you are feeling is the beating of my heart. It is what keeps me alive.

(Jonathan Safran Foer)


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Hi.. I noticed you were an English teacher living in Japan. Can you tell me how you got started teaching in Japan? I have a B.A. in Elem. Education. Basically, I'm just wondering how difficult it would be to find a position as an English teacher. I'm also interested in hearing more sbout your experience as an English teacher.



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